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REILE is a unique event focussed on the European Urban Logistics sector. Unlike the conventional, mundane trade shows that dominate the industry, we’re here to break the mold and offer an event that people genuinely want to attend.

At REILE, we promise an engaging and dynamic experience, featuring practical content, groundbreaking ideas, and the Industrial and Logistic industry’s most influential decision-makers all converging in one place. Our event brings together an exclusive gathering of European property professionals, providing them with inspiration, valuable connections, and in-depth insights into the latest developments in urban logistics.The one-day event will be filled with esteemed speakers, networking opportunities, interactive workshops, pitch competitions and  in-depth masterclasses.

REILE is taking place on 10th-11th September 2024,
TOBACCO Theatre, Amsterdam

REILE 2024 will be taking place in 10th-11th September 2024,
TOBACCO Theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. REILE will bring together senior decision makers from all across Europe and as Amsterdam is considered the gateway to Europe, we felt it was the perfect location. For centuries, imports and exports have shaped the region’s economic activities and laid the foundation for its current position as one of the most important European logistics markets. With Europe’s largest seaport in Rotterdam, one of the major Airports in Europe and its central location, the Netherlands form the logistical heart of Europe. The logistics sector accounts for 9% of GDP and affects the whole Dutch economy. More than 400 transport and logistics companies have found a home in the Amsterdam Area. Businesses embrace the region’s reputation for innovation, and take a fresh approach to powering the industry forward. Amsterdam is even considered the home of the Digital Supply Chain. 

REILE is organised by the masterminds behind, the flagship publication of Verv Sarl, is a premier news platform dedicated to serving the industrial and logistics real estate sector throughout Europe. As a trusted source of information, delivers timely and insightful content that caters to professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts within the industry. Our platform strives to provide comprehensive coverage, analysis, and commentary on the latest trends, developments, and innovations shaping the industrial and logistics real estate landscape across the European continent.

The theme behind the 2024 edition of the event is ‘Shaping the future of Urban Logistics’. In an environment marked by growing demands for facilities and the diminishing availability of land, coupled with heightened environmental and community concerns, the need for innovative solutions has never been more pressing. Urban logistics is becoming increasingly critical in the modern landscape, driven by e-commerce growth, sustainability concerns, and the need for efficient last-mile delivery solutions. A pivotal focus of the conference is the exploration of last-mile centers, strategically positioned in urban settings where people live. These centers represent the future of the industry, and REILE seeks to answer critical questions about their design, functionality, and role in reshaping the landscape of industrial and logistics real estate.

Our event is proud to be supported by a diverse range of key sponsors and partners from across the Industrial and Logistics sector. We are grateful for the valuable support from these organizations, and their commitment adds significant value to the event. For a comprehensive list and more details, feel free to visit our official event website’s sponsor page.

REILE 2024 will have multiple tracks featuring different sessions, workshops and presentations, allowing attendees to pick the content most relevant to them.

Throughout the conference, we will delve into the most pressing issues and exciting developments in urban logistics, including:

  • Nearshoring and Reshoring
  • ESG and Sustainability
  • SMART Buildings
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Microhubs
  • Vertical Farms
  • Dark Stores
  • Warehouse of Tomorrow
  • Diversity in I&L
  • Future-Proof Hubs
  • Urban Manufacturing

We anticipate a total of 300 attendees at our event, representing a diverse and influential group of senior decision-makers in the industrial and logistics sector from across Europe. This includes established players in the e-commerce industry, brokers, investment funds, equity and debt providers, developers, asset managers, logistics companies and tech providers. Our inclusive approach aims to foster an environment where stakeholders from various segments of the industry can come together, exchange ideas, and form collaborations. By bringing together this diverse group of professionals, we create a rich ecosystem for learning, networking, and innovation in the dynamic field of industrial and logistics real estate.

REILE stands out as a Pan-European event in an industry largely dominated by regional conferences. While many events primarily focus on specific markets, REILE provides a comprehensive perspective by featuring international content and speakers. Attendees gain essential insights into different markets, exploring trends, regulations, and identifying challenges and opportunities beyond their local landscape.


Our commitment to facilitating meaningful connections sets REILE apart. Unlike traditional conferences with a brief ‘meet and greet,’ we offer a true relationship-building experience. Our immersive networking environment goes beyond business cards, providing interactive spaces, workshops, and activities for attendees to enjoy.


REILE is distinguished as an industrial and logistics-focused event, offering highly specialised content and expertise directly applicable to attendees’ needs and challenges. By concentrating on this asset class, we ensure relevance and depth in our insights. Targeted networking ensures that attendees connect with contacts who are specifically relevant to their professional goals.


Unlike typical real estate conferences, REILE breaks away from the mundane formula and delivers a conference that is fresh, fun and unforgettable. Our short-form sessions are infused with energy and fun and we bring the most insightful and inspiring speakers on stage to speak about topics that matter. Attendees enjoy practical workshops, and unique experiences like radio booths, pitch competitions and balloon debates.

Yes, at REILE, provide a truly immersive networking experience where lifelong partnerships are forged. That’s why we have planned our event around activities and areas that foster genuine connections. These include:

  • Speed Networking Sessions: Using our matchmaking platform, we will facilitate quick and impactful meetings and connections between attendees.
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions where participants can work together to solve real life problems and challenges relating to urban logistics.
  • Roundtables: Structured discussions led by experts, fostering in-depth conversations and the exchange of valuable perspectives.
  • Chill Out Lounges: Designated spaces for informal networking, providing a relaxed environment for attendees to connect and converse.


At REILE, we believe that networking is a key element of the event experience, and these components have been thoughtfully designed to ensure meaningful connections and a truly interactive environment for all attendees.

REILE promises participants a host of fresh, fun, and unforgettable experiences for attendees. These include:

  • Access to Europe’s leading Industrial and Logistics decision makers.
  • Unique networking opportunities that allow attendees to forge genuine connections and partnerships.
  • Comprehensive insights and real life success stories that attendees can take back to their office.
  • Attendees can gain insights from experts on the latest trends, regulations, and opportunities across Europe, ensuring that their strategies are effective across diverse markets.
  • Participants can join a community of real estate professionals with a dedicated focus on the industrial and logistics sector

Tickets to the event can be purchased here. Individual tickets cost €245 . Early bird tickets cost €199.

Yes, there will be ample opportunities for media coverage and interviews during the event. We welcome media representatives and are happy to facilitate any interviews with our keynote speakers, industry experts, and participating companies. Additionally, our media lounge will be open throughout the event, providing a conducive environment for journalists to connect with speakers and attendees. Please feel free to reach out to our media relations team for further details, coverage and interview requests at

While this is the inaugural edition of our event, we are committed to establishing a tradition of excellence. Although we do not have past editions to reference, our vision is to create a compelling and impactful experience for all attendees. We are dedicated to delivering valuable insights, fostering meaningful connections, and addressing the key challenges and opportunities in the industry. Looking ahead, we plan to host more regular events throughout the year, each tailored to meet the evolving needs of our audience and contribute to the ongoing dialogue within the industrial and logistics community.